The Worlds Most Exclusive Pick-Up Game

Imagine making your way into your gym to get in a good workout for the day. Maybe today is leg day or you have been doing some cardio on the treadmill. You finish up and make your way towards the locker-room. As you approach the locker-room you hear a commotion coming from up the hall, you glance to your left, and security moves you to the side. Security clears the path and none other than Lebron James walks through the gym. I guess even pro-athletes like to get a lift in sometimes?

Above is an image of Life Time Athletic Sky Gym. Now I understand it doesn’t look like a special or exciting gym but it plays host to some of the highest quality pick-up basketball games in the world. In the summer during the NBA off-season, all the players in the league need to get in competitive games. For an NBA player, there aren’t too many competitive games around so they tend to get together and play.

During the summer Life Time, Athletic Sky Gym plays host to some of the biggest names in basketball. From Lebron James to Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony you never know who you might see. These games aren’t well-publicized, they’re definitely not for the likes of me and you. You have to have some pretty special contacts to even be able to watch these games, you have to be pretty important to play. Who is the mastermind behind these pick-up games? Chris Brickley is an NBA coach who works with some of the biggest names in the game and he puts these star-studded games together. To check out some of his coaching videos Chris’ Instagram can be found below:

These NBA players don’t just come for the fun, these games are serious and trash talk is frequent on the court. The summer can mean long lonely months in the practice facility without high-level competition so these pick-up games are important. It is an opportunity for the players to put the things they have been working on during the offseason into practice. These games are for the elite to play the elite, they are games where MVP squares up against MVP and champion guards champion. This is a proving ground for the pros and is one of the highest quality pick-up games on the planet. Nowhere else in the world do you get to see some of the biggest names in basketball all on the same breaking out streetball moves against each other.

So next time you’re at your local gym keep one earphone out you wouldn’t want to miss one of the most exclusive pick-up games in the world happening right under your nose.

The Video below shows some of the top NBA players playing at this court:


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