The Do’s and Don’ts of Pick-Up Sports

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

This is not the Superbowl, World-cup Final, or the NBA finals, so don’t play like it is. Of course, you want to win and try your best but at the end of the day playing Pick-Up is about fun and getting better. If you go out and act like this game is the be-all and end-all you’re not going to be popular on the field. People don’t want to play with the guy who can’t relax and have fun playing.

Do Play Your Hardest

People don’t want you to take a Pick-Up game too seriously but you should still show up and play hard. Pick-Up Sports are fun and what makes them fun is the quality of the games. Playing hard makes for fast-paced and exciting games that people want to be a part of.

Don’t Celebrate Too Much

If you score a goal or make a basket you don’t need to celebrate like you’ve made a buzzer-beater in the Finals. You’ve scored and that’s great but this is a pick-up game, not the cup final, so an excessive celebration with shouting and cheering is unnecessary.

Do Acknowledge Your Team Mates

You don’t have to celebrate like a mad man but a simple high five or even a nod is a great way to acknowledge your teammates. Pick-Up sports is all about the people around them so thanking your teammates is a simple way to show some respect.

Don’t Be Overly Aggressive

Whether this is physically aggressive or verbally aggressive it is inappropriate. Pick-Up is for fun so flying into people and hurting others isn’t acceptable. Verbal aggression is also bad, you’re playing with like-minded people there is no need for abuse to be hurled.

Do Be Competitive

You shouldn’t be overly aggressive but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for competition. You should be somewhat aggressive otherwise you’ll never win! Trash talk is also acceptable, you want to be a competitor, but there is definitely a line where this can become inappropriate.


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