10 Places To Play Pick-Up

1. Pier 5 – Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the best spots for soccer in the city, its incredible views make for one of the best playing experiences possible. The fields can host up to 3 full-sized pick-up games and plenty of tough competition can be found there regularly.

2. Pier 2 – Brooklyn Bridge Park

Pier 2 offers similar views to Pier 5 but includes basketball and handball courts for those who don’t like soccer. This Pier can offer some of the highest quality basketball around the city often playing host to events featuring NBA stars.

3. Battery Park City Ball Fields

Battery Park Fields are used as baseball fields for the most part but on weekday evenings play host to some fast-paced pick-up soccer. The fields are in the middle of the financial district and are surrounded by towering buildings including a great view of the world trade center. On Wednesday nights the field hosts the Kings College men’s soccer team in their weekly pick-up games.

4. Rucker Park

This is likely the most famous outdoor basketball court in the US if not the world. It is defined by decades of basketball history and has played host to the likes of Dr.J, Allen Iverson, and Kevin Durant. This is not the court for beginners as some of the best players in the world come here to show off their talents.

5. West Fourth Street Courts

Located on a small street corner not far from NYU this single court, know as the cage, is infamous in Manhattan. The small court invites close contact basketball and the metal fences draw in spectators and give it the cool name. These courts also feature two handball courts adjacent to the basketball court.

6. Central Park

I know you weren’t expecting to see that name on this list but hear me out. Central Park is quite literally a large public piece of grass for anyone to use. You can find soccer, softball, and even flag football games in the park. It can get busy in the summer but you can just pick up a permit for only $10 at the Arsenal building to ensure you keep your space.

7. Central Park Basketball Courts

If you are willing to make the trek into the park you’ll find two sets of courts in the park. These courts, although small offer some fantastic views and what better way to spend your time than playing basketball in central park, that is the dream!

8. Pier 40 Soccer Fields

The Pier 40 Soccer fields offer one of the best places to play soccer in the city. These fields are always busy so there is a game to be found at all time. If you don’t want to show up unannounced you can even look to social media to find games. The rooftop of the fields offers incredible views of the city not available anywhere else.

9. Dyckman Park

I will admit this one is pretty difficult to get to sitting on 204st in the Bronx. However this park holds a similar mystique to Rucker Park. The park is known for the historical Dyckman basketball tournament where some of the best come to play. This is another court I wouldn’t advise playing at unless you’re a more seasoned ball player.

10. Sara D. Roosevelt Park

This field has actually won awards for being the best place to play pick-up soccer in the city. There are two fields right next to each other, although not full sized, they lend themselves nicely to the fast paced world of 7 v 7. This field is also one of a few that have lights so games can continue into the night.

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